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I have started making some content harder to access for various reasons. :slight_smile: And I have decided to start putting it all behind a new OnlyFans account. I already have a free one you can subscribe to, which I will link to later, but this one will be edgier and might even have me naked or engaged in acts of wanton fornication, karaoke, cocktail bar-hopping, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. :slight_smile: There might be some illegality, gun-running, drug-smuggling, sex-trafficking, who knows what to expect!!!

But how to monetize it all. . . . ANYWAY! :slight_smile: Iā€™m trying to entice people to sign up on discourse.hourback.info so that they can see the real me, if they care to see it. There might be other prizes and whatnots down the line. Iā€™m still figuring this out. Come play with me!!! :slight_smile: Join me on my adventures in dirty places! Watch as I almost pick up many beautiful women!!! Plus, with my 360-degree GoPro I can record some pretty wicked videos of stuff.