I think Xfinity puts spyware in their routers that they get customers to rent from them

So, I’m probably going to write a blog post about this that will describe at length my experiences but I’m starting to believe that Xfinity puts firmware on their routers that their customers rent from them that allows Xfinity to eavesdrop somehow on traffic even when the customer is using a VPN. This is very troublesome isn’t it? :slightly_smiling_face: Either I or someone better poised to launch an investigation should do a formal investigative story on this subject. Does anyone know a tech journalist that might be willing to take this on and do the research?

I just discovered that Netgear does not provide the firmware updates for their own hardware; XFINITY DOES!!! What the hell??? Their site states that firmware updates are pushed down to the cable modem by the ISP (not the manufacturer). That seems extremely bad for multiple reasons.

I posted a question on Quora about this: